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I am so in love with this home birth story, I have no idea how I missed sharing it with you until now! I met with mom and dad a few weeks before their family maternity session (yep, still need to blog this one, too, because it is simply perfection!!) and immediately felt like we were friends. They are both so genuine and caring and open about life and their family, that it would be impossible not to feel this way. 

I knew from our first meeting that their older daughter’s birth was a very fast labor and delivery, so everyone expected little Eve to make an equally fast appearance. When I got the call that mom was likely in labor at 42+2 weeks, a day before the new year, I cleared my schedule and got ready to leave the house. Not even an hour later, dad called again to say that contractions were getting more intense and that I should make my way to their home. 

Mom and her birth team were absolutely amazing! When I arrived, Mom greeted me with smiles and jokes after breathing through a strong contraction and knew exactly what felt right for her body during her contractions. She was happy and chatty with the midwives in between contractions, and their 5-year-old daughter could not have been more excited for little sister’s arrival. She came in and out to see how mom was doing and went downstairs to draw more welcome pictures when labor got very intense.

I have so many favorite moments from this beautiful home birth, but my very favorite is probably big sister’s reaction to her baby sister. I laughed and teared up as the joy and excitement was completely contagious. I could not have felt more honored to tell this family’s story!

PS: And in case you were wondering, mom has an incredible workout routine. I don’t think I could complete a single workout that she does daily even when not 42 weeks pregnant!

dc home birth photographerdc home birth photographerdc home birth photographer | baby has arriveddc home birth photographer | siblings meeting

I could draw this out further, but I won’t :) The moment you have all been waiting for: Announcing the winners for Photo of the Year 2015!!! So here they are, in no particular order:

nova birth newborn photographer | photo of the year winners

nova birth newborn photographer | photo of the year winners

I am incredibly humbled by everyone’s participation in the contest! A HUGE “Thank You” to you all. The contest has grown tremendously every year with the addition of Instagram (@stefanieharrington) being another fun element this year. I couldn’t even dream of getting close to the number of votes that you’re all able to drum up! More than 1,000 votes in round 2 alone! Crazy, right? I don’t know how you did it.

WINNERS! Please get in touch with me for more details and to schedule your documentary session :) A very special “Thank You” also goes to my guest judges, who selected the professional photographers’ choice!

Already looking forward to 2017’s contest.

I always love watching the race for the top spots in the Photo of the Year contest, and it was another tight race to the 2015 finish line! 

In no particular order, these are the 6 images with the top votes from the first round. As in years past, contestants worked their networks to get those votes to move on to this next round of voting. I am seriously impressed. 

dc va newborn birth photographer | finalists 2015

View the full-sized photos here.

This final round of voting will determine the Photos of the Year 2015:

  • Winner of the popular vote from the round 2 online poll
  • Winner chosen by a panel of professional photographers

I’m curious to see how this year’s addition of Instagram voting (@stefanieharrington) will impact the polls! All images will be posted over the next couple of days with the “likes” counting toward the poll results. In order for votes to count, follow @stefanieharrington and like the individual photo posted under this account!

The online voting ends February 29 (leap year!), and the winners will be announced here on the blog. Remember, you can vote for more than 1 photo, but you can only vote once. Each of finalist will receive a $100 credit toward a 2016 family session. 

I’m so grateful to ALL of my amazing families. This contest is entirely because of your support, and I’m so thrilled to know you all!

It’s that time of year again! I am so excited to announce the third annual Photo of the Year contest for 2015. Voting for round 1 begins today with these images that were selected and submitted by families, who chose to participate in the contest.

dc newborn baby photographer | photo of the year contest

View the FULL-SIZED images here

Here’s how it works:

Round 1. Select the top 4 finalists to move on to Round 2 by voting in the poll below (images listed in no particular order). You can vote for more than 1 image, but you can only vote once. The finalists will be the top 4 of the popular vote from the poll on this site and 2 selected by me. Voting for round 1 is through February 21.

Each finalist will move on to…

Round 2. A new poll will be posted on the blog to vote for the photo(s) of the year. One new addition to Round 2 this year is that votes on Instragram @stefanieharrington will be counted toward the total votes. 

There will be 2 winners! Each winner will receive a FREE documentary session with me this year! (some restrictions apply)

I have to admit that I’m super psyched about this feature!! A little over a year ago, I decided to take over a dining room we rarely used to create a functional work space that reflects me and my brand. So much planning went into this new space. 

The colors of my brand are found all over my house so that part was kind of a no brainer. The room was painted within a few shorts week of me deciding to use the space, using the same paint from another room. But I agonized over how to properly set up the furniture to best use the space for my needs. I think between December and June of last year, I moved that desk around the room 4 or 5 times. It all came together early summer, just in time before the busy Fall season took up all of my time.

One of my good friends and former co-workers was my sounding board and guide in this venture! She is the best and has such an eye for decorating. (I’ve tried for years to talk her into going into business! Sheri, are you listening?) We measured, shared ideas, talked and talked, and then I started shopping. I felt bad for Sheri, who got texts and emails with photos and links from me ad nauseam :) Love her!

I am pretty smitten with the end result, and it finally occurred to me that you might like to see where I edit and meet with clients. I’m excited and thankful to the Click blog for the feature!! 

birth newborn photographer dc maryland | office makeover

Of course, I’m dying to know what you think of my work space! Do you love it as much as I do?