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This season of life is a crazy one for us, so I’m behind on blogging! Again. I did manage to sit down with my oldest for our annual birthday interview tradition. It feels even more surreal that he is eight years old this year. Especially when his baby sister looks exactly like him as a baby. It often feels like I traveled back in time when I look at her. 

I love doing these birthday interviews with my kids. It’s funny how not much changes from year to year. My oldest has a very caring and sensitive personality. His answers are always a subtle and nice reminder of his fierce love for his family and friends. He’s kind, loyal and often so innocent it hurts. To say that he is smitten with his sister is the understatement of the year. He is completely crazy in love with her. His relationship with his brother has the same protective streak, but it’s much louder and much more rough and tumble. I love watching them all play together (as much as a baby can play with them). 

Our interview now has an additional question to include the baby (who got left out of the birthday card that I signed for the family and was pointed out by my 8-year-old #thirdchild): 

  1. Favorite color: Green
  2. Favorite toy: LEGO
  3. Favorite thing about his brother: “He’s the best.”
  4. Favorite thing about his sister: She’s really cute
  5. Favorite TV show or movie: Phineas and Ferb; Wild Kratts
  6. Favorite food: Sushi, pizza
  7. Favorite outfit: Short pants and short-sleeved shirts
  8. Favorite sport: Soccer and baseball
  9. Place he wants to visit for vacation: Germany
  10. Favorite animal: Dog
  11. Favorite song: “I don’t have one.”
  12. Favorite book: Magic Tree House
  13. Best friend: My brother and Aaron
  14. Favorite cereal: Fruit Loops [clearly, a remnant of the no-rules vacation food] 
  15. Favorite drink: Shirley Temple [another vacation reminder, ha!]
  16. Favorite thing to do with friends: Play tag
  17. What his father does at work: “He’s a contractor or something.”
  18. Something he’s really good at: Soccer
  19. Favorite ice cream flavor: A mix
  20. Biggest hero: My family
  21. What he wants to be when he grows up: A worker man [still a construction worker, a trend since age 2, I think]

dc baby birthday photographer

Happy 8th birthday to my big boy! What a caring older brother he is to his brother and sister, and we are so lucky to be his parents.

I am so excited to share with you the winners of the 2016 photo of the year winners! The level of participation from everyone blows me away every year. Thank you, thank you to ALL of my families!! I am so lucky to be a maternity, birth and baby photographer, because it allows me to work with the most adorable tiny humans :) One of the best parts is watching my newborns grow. 

The contest grows year after year, and I love seeing the results from the online polls and Instagram (@stefanieharrington). Seriously, you all have an incredibly huge network of friends and family. They definitely deserve a round of applause. At last, here are the winners in no particular order:

dc maternity baby photographer | 2016 photo winnersdc maternity baby photographer | 2016 photo winners

WINNERS. Please get in touch with me for more details and to schedule your documentary session. Documentary sessions capture authentic moments that are unique to each family. I look forward to telling your family’s story this summer! Some of my favorites are the ones that are told right in your home or a place that has meaning for you.

Finally, a very special “Thank You” also goes to my guest judges. I appreciate your time and professional opinion for the professional photographers’ choice!

Can’t wait to see the entries for next year’s contest. This year is already flying by!

The results of the voting never fail to blow me away! It is a tight race for the top spots in the Photo of the Year contest every time, and 2016 was no exception. As always, these top spots know how to work their networks, because their friends and family helped get them here. 

In no particular order, the 6 images with the top votes from the first round are below. I always think that I’ll pick spot 5 and 6, but I always choose the ones with the most votes. After all, those networks worked hard to make it happen for these families. 

maternity newborn photographer dc | finalists 2016

View the images larger HERE

The final round of voting will determine the Photos of the Year 2016:

  • Winner of the popular vote from the round 2 online poll
  • Winner chosen by a panel of professional photographers

In addition, votes on Instagram (@stefanieharrington) will count! I will post all images over the next couple of days with the “likes” counting toward the poll results. In order for votes to count, voters must follow @stefanieharrington and like the individual contest photo(s) posted under this account.

The online voting ends Sunday, March 5. The winners will be announced here on the blog next week. Finally, remember, you can vote for more than 1 photo, but you can only vote once. 

As always, this contest is entirely because of all of the amazing families and their support. A huge Thank You to the Stefanie Harrington families. I’m so so grateful to all of you!

I’m a little slow to get organized while on maternity leave this year, but it’s that time of year again! I am super excited to announce the annual Photo of the Year contest for 2016. Hard to believe that this is the fourth year for the contest! Voting for round 1 begins today with the images below by participating families.

I had so much fun putting together this post – even though it took me several days :) Life is crazy busy with an infant, as I’m sure these lovely families can relate to.

maternity birth newborn photographer dc photo contest submissions for dc newborn photographer stefanie harrington

View the FULL-SIZED images here

Here’s how it works:

Round 1. Select the top 4 finalists to move on to Round 2 by voting in the poll below. You can vote for more than 1 image, but you can only vote once. The finalists will be the top 4 of the popular vote from the poll on this site and 2 selected by me. Voting for round 1 is through February 27. Images are listed in no particular order. 

Each finalist will move on to round 2. A new poll will be posted on the blog to vote for the photo(s) of the year. Votes on Instragram @stefanieharrington for round 2 will also count toward the total votes. Keep an eye on my account so that you don’t miss the chance to vote in the next round.

There will be 2 winners! Each winner will receive a FREE documentary session with me this year! (some restrictions apply)

Ok, I admit it. This newborn session completely melts my heart. Their little boys are almost exactly the same age difference down to the same birth months as my little guys. It was so bittersweet to relive a bit of my own early parenting days through this gorgeous session.

You may remember this family and their stylish home from their first born’s newborn session. It’s always an honor to be invited back by a growing family, especially when working with them feels like the opposite of work. Plus, you know I totally dig their decorating style and would be happy to move in in a heartbeat. (But perhaps I’ll wait to be sure that everyone is sleeping soundly through the night before I do…)

dc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby brotherdc maryland newborn photographer | reading to babydc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby brotherdc maryland newborn photographer | outdoor family photodc maryland newborn photographer | sweet brothers

Big brother was a load of fun! I think we were all on the same page as far as expectations of him go, and our combined favorite images were those that were completely lifestyle and age appropriate of a young toddler :) Pudgy hand on baby’s face? Awesome! Trying to crawl over baby brother on the bed with a foot on his face? FAVORITE. Mom and dad chose those as a large canvas series for their playroom as a funny and accurate portrayal of life. Perfection!! This family completes me.

dc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby brotherdc maryland newborn photographer | family photosdc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby brotherdc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby boydc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby brotherdc maryland newborn photographer | newborn detailsdc maryland newborn photographer | newborn feetdc maryland newborn photographer | sweet newborn babydc maryland newborn photographer | family photodc maryland newborn photographer | mamadc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby dc maryland newborn photographer | sweet baby

Baby boy surprised his parents by arriving a few weeks early so mom was still hard at work at completing his nursery when I was visiting. I’m sure by now his room is just as dreamy as his brother’s was!