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One of the most asked questions before any photo session is about what to wear. This depends on the type of session and the season, but I have general guidelines that I give to with my families. Since Fall is a busy time for photographers as families gather for Holiday card photos, I am sharing some Fall inspiration and tips. 

gorgeous family is cuddling and smiling at their baby boy

First off, everyone has their own unique style and taste so try not to dress exactly alike. I think it’s important that whatever you choose to wear, you feel like you’re you. If you wear jeans every day, wear them to your session! Be sure to dress everyone comfortably, because you’ll be walking, moving and playing during your session.

little girl is smiling as she holds her parents

Most of my family sessions are documentary where you’ll be doing things that you enjoy together as a family. Even for lifestyle sessions, you’ll want to be sure that your outfit works well for cuddling, tossing a toddler in the air or giving out snacks. I, personally, don’t like to adjust or tuck in my clothes every time I pick up the baby or bend down.

toddler girl in an adorable shirt dress is splashing in the water

Complementary colors and patterns are nice so they don’t clash. I usually reserve patterns for one or two family members and use those colors to coordinate the other outfits. Don’t forget accessories like jewelry, belts or shoes to show off your style. For guys, layers are nice.

a little boy is laughing as he wear dark sunglasses

Finally, some fights are just not worth it. If your child has their heart set on their favorite outfit, just accept it for that season in life. I promise you that you’ll look back on the photos and smile at the ridiculous thing that your child wore. My boys practically live in gym shorts… And they both dislike nothing more than collared shirts. They also like to wear one color for top and bottom. Awesome.  

We can discuss your outfits at length before your session if you’d like. I really want to shoot a documentary session with the whole family in pajamas so hit me up if that describes your family!

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