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I always love to catch up with my families after their newborn photo session, especially when it’s for a relaxed and joyful family session in their home. The last time I saw this adorable family, I was hugely pregnant and just a few weeks away from welcoming my own baby into the world. I only realized today that I didn’t blog their newborn session… 

This time, we played in their backyard for a relaxed morning to document their family time together. This is the best way to capture summer fun with young children!

children popping huge soap bubbles in their backyardbaby brother is surprised by a soap bubble bursting in front of his facebeautiful curly hair on a little girl as she twirls and playsbig sister is making big soap bubbles for her little brothers

The baby’s face is absolutely hilarious! The bubbles confused him so much, because they disappeared right in front of him.

baby boy is fascinated by a large soap bubble in front of his face

It was beyond adorable when big sister and big brother tried to help the baby pop bubbles. I think this confused him even more – and also got soapy bubbles all over him.

big sister and big brother helping baby brother pop soap bubbles

Once they tired of the bubbles, it was time to play with their water toys. Children can play with water for hours! I’d forgotten the joys of the water table since my boys outgrew theirs so long ago.

little girl is pouring water into her water tablebaby boy is trying to play with his water table

Getting water poured over your head… One of the many joys of being the youngest and having older siblings.

baby brother is having water poured on his head by his older brother

And then the jumping started! They do this all the time and have clearly mastered their form and squeals of delight. They were SO MUCH fun to watch! I think all of my summer sessions should include water and splashing.

little boy is jumping into his baby poollittle boy is wiping water from his face after jumping into the baby poolbrother and sister are running to jump into their baby poollots of water is splashing out of the baby poolbrother and sister are smiling as they sit in a baby poolbrother and sister are playing in their backyard baby poolbig sister is jumping for joy in the baby pool as her brothers play

Time for popsicles. Even the baby got to try one! The older two thought this was hilarious, of course, but the baby wasn’t sold on the cold treat.

brother and sister are comparing their orange popsiclesbrother and sister are sharing popsicles with the baby baby brother is trying a popsicle for the first timebaby brother makes a frowny face after trying a popsiclebrother and sister are eating popsicles in their playhouse

This was such a great session to document, full of laughter and personality. Documentary sessions at home always make me happy. I bet next summer the baby will be jumping into the water with his brother and sister, which means even more giggles and squealing!

Another bonus of documentary sessions at home? There’s no rushing around! Getting out the door for anything always seems like a marathon event with young children. So by staying at home, you have one less opportunity for toddler tantrums or forgetting important things at home. 

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